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It’s important to track your progress whether you’re working on a program of healthy eating for weight loss or just improved health. Not only does tracking what you eat help you understand where you could make some changes, it’s super motivation, too. It can be a guide to any changes you may need to make and give you an opportunity to identify whether your caloric intake is too high or too low.

It isn’t all about how much you weight, sometimes it’s about inches or how you feel.

Tracking it can include weighing yourself on a specific schedule, but that’s not the only way to track your progress. If you’re exercising along with your healthy eating program, you might want to turn to your clothing size or inches. Muscle tissue weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does, so one pound of muscle tissue will require a smaller container than a pound of fat tissue. It’s like comparing the container size for a pound of feathers to that of one for a pound of steel. The feathers will have a much larger container. Sometimes, you may not see a satisfactory weight loss if you’re working out, but your clothing size will change dramatically as inches drop from your body. How you feel is an important barometer, too.

You don’t have to track all the food you consume by carrying a notebook.

Even though the modern way of life has added to the problem of weight gain, it’s done something else, too. It’s given us ways to easily track the food we eat on a daily basis. There are apps for your smartphone, so you can have your tracker at your finger tips. You’ll be surprised the first time you use one, how easy it is compared to that little notebook people used to use for tracking.

Tracking your food intake can also give you more insight.

You’ll start to notice patterns, like very few vegetables and too much dairy that can help you correct old eating habits that either affected your well being or played a role in your weight control. Too often people eat without thinking. They walk past the candy bowl at the office and grab a few bites. You’ll be more aware of doing that when you track.

  • There’s an old saying that winners keep score, so whether you’re tracking your weight or the food you eat, every little bit of information can help you be more successful.
  • For those that simply want to turn around their diet and make it healthier, consider tracking your energy level. It’s not hard to do and can take a few minutes at the end of the day to write your thoughts whether you came home from work energized or not. If you’ve had the day from Hades, not that too.
  • It’s fun to watch your numbers go down, whether it’s blood pressure or weight. It’s the reward you get for sticking to a program and can provide motivation.
  • We provide a state of the art app at I Am Breakthrough Wellness. You’ll enjoy using it and find it helps you stick with your goals even better.

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